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Adventure Xtreme Caravans

Click Here To Visit aim to be the cheapest supplier of quality camping trailers & caravans making holidays affordable. Based in Springs, Gauteng (Johannesburg East). Our business was established due to our passion for the outdoors.

Afrispoor Off Road Campers

Click Here To Visit Coombes and his team manufacture and assemble all Afrispoor caravans by hand in Durban and can ship them to anywhere in the world. Afrispoor Caravans are high quality, fully functional, off-road caravans built tough and reliable to suit Africa’s rugged conditions. Our caravans are assembled to be hassle-free and provide you with all you need to be organised and comfortable while you enjoy your offroad adventures where ever they might be. Come in, call or email your requirements and we will set you up with a Bespoke Offroad Camping Caravan ready for adventure! Built Africa Tough from our own experiences !

Alublack Outdoor

Click Here To Visit Outdoor specialises in Camping & Outdoor Equipment, Custom Overlanding Equipment, Aluminium

Alu-Cab | Khaya Camper

Click Here To Visit Khaya Camper is a drive-on / slide-off unit. The Khaya’s frame is a combination of extruded and bent-up components, made exclusively from lightweight, flexible, and corrosion-resistant aluminium.

AlphaGO Off-Road Camper

Click Here To Visit CHANGES EVERYTHING AlphaGo gives you and your family the freedom to go anywhere in unapologetic comfort and style. Our campers transform from an easy towing trailer and self-inflate into a sensational multi-room villa on wheels. This is Beyond Camping.

Border X Offroad 4 X 4 Caravan

Click Here To Visit are proud to present a caravan built with a durable Stainless Steel (3CR12) chassis. Sheet metal laser cut and bend to perfection. Materials used are aimed to give a long lasting, wood-rot and rust free camping. Using first grade composite panel to give the best insulated product on the market for the main shell. Real bamboo is used to give mobile luxury. Dual independent suspension will give peace of mind that you will get to your destination hassle free.

BUSHWAKKA Off-road Trailers

Click Here To Visit the ultimate outdoor adventure with Bushwakka Adventure Products, shop online now.

BERG Off-Road

Click Here To Visit https://www.bergoffroad.comBERG Off-Road was born when one of the founders, Floris Buys, was looking to purchase an overlanding caravan but couldn't find anything on the market that suited his needs. He wanted a lightweight caravan, that can sleep a family of five and contained a full bathroom inside. Everything on the market either was too big and heavy, or only had an annex tent bathroom setup. He then approached his good friend, Schalk Meintjies, a mechanical engineer and director at Refutech with the idea to build a simple, lightweight, durable caravan at an affordable price. Not too much to ask for, is it?? After 3 years of research and development, the first C1 caravan rolled-out the factory.

Bush Lapa | Looks like a trailer, camps like a caravan and feels like a 4X4.

Click Here To Visit Lapa Offroad Caravans provide a meticulously crafted, robust, and feature-packed option for off-road enthusiasts and adventurous families seeking to explore the landscapes of Africa while indulging in the luxuries of a well-equipped offroad caravan. Featuring ample storage space, Bush Lapas are designed to deliver comfort and convenience comparable to a traditional caravan, coupled with the advantage of a quick and effortless camp setup.

Badger Adventure Caravans

Click Here To Visit is a manufacturer of compact fiberglass caravans in South Africa. Our team has been working in the fiberglass industry for more than 20 years and couldn’t know the materials better. With benefits of durability and low maintenance, fiberglass was the preferred material when developing the product. We have used our many years of 4×4 experience and camping knowledge to inspire the design of our innovative caravan where comfort as well as practicality are key. Badger was developed based on our own teams needs when it came to camping. We drew on all of our individual experience to create a product that was not only usable, but was efficient in every aspect. We wanted to develop a compact caravan but the amount of space inside the unit was not an option for any of us fussy campers. And so our fold out door was created and we could not have been happier with the result!

CT Convert

Click Here To Visit 1999 John Roberts founded Climatic Technologies after 25-years in the Transport Trade. His real world experience and technical skills granted him the unique benefit of servicing the Travel & Tourism Industry, already knowing their concerns and needs. Initially dedicated to the importation, installation and maintenance of Hispacold air-conditioners for buses, Climatic Technologies soon developed the successful Clima Air-conditioning unit for mini- and midi-buses. By 2004, and registered as a MIB, the next step was the very first Climatic conversion on a Mercedes Sprinter 412cdi for Chris Hymns of Safari Coach Charter. After 14 years converting panel vans to passenger vehicles, including the Iveco Daily, VW Crafter & Mercedes Sprinter, and playing a very active role in Industry on a National level, Climatic can proudly attest to having stood the test of time. In 2018 Climatic Technologies underwent a change of ownership and under the leadership of David King has been making great strides towards modernisation of the business model and brand.

Conqueror Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit can’t define what adventure means to you, but we can help you get there. Whether you are exploring Africa’s back roads or planning a short weekend away with the family, our range of campers will leave you with memories that’ll warm you from the inside. Conqueror has over the past 30 years become the benchmark and industry leaders in Caravan and Camper trailer designs. Our most prestigious awards won to date has been The Great Outdoors Guide’s Caravan of the Year and Off-Road Trailer of the year awards.

Cascade Caravans

Click Here To Visit you are on holiday, we firmly believe the difference is in the details. Cascade Caravans are built to last and have no wood in constructing the walls, roof, or floor. The furniture, made from litewood, is wrapped with ABS decorative foil – the same used in designer kitchens worldwide. The galvanized chassis’s design makes it the strongest but lightest chassis possible. Although our vans are mainly for on-road use, the construction is strong enough to take on any gravel road. An excellent optional extra is our airbag system that enables you to lift the van when you need more ground clearance. This feature makes it ideal for gravel road usage.

Destination Caravans

Click Here To Visit your dream and tick off your caravan bucket list with this 4 berth beauty. It’s a double axle dream featuring a 12 000BTU aircon-inverter, queen size bed, toilet, shower, retractable outside kitchen and a variety of other great features to make your holiday a time of complete bliss and comfort. Live your dream by purchasing a Dream from Destination Caravans. Configure your perfect caravan by adding accessories such as the CTEK CTX 12v Battery Sense, a rally tent and a rearview bluetooth camera so that you can see exactly what’s happening behind you. Then you’ll be all set for the perfect holiday. Realise your dream today! Why wait?

Echo 4×4 and NTS

Click Here To Visit 4×4 and NTS are owned by husband and wife, Willie & Rochelle Grobler. They have a dedicated and hardworking force behind them of over 200 employees to guarantee you the highest quality products. Willie, Rochelle and their team have built over 10,000 trailers to date. They are regarded as leaders in the manufacturer of tough, durable and innovative off road products. Furthermore, the Echo products hold their value even in the the second hand market. The premises of Echo 4×4 is a complete lifestyle centre. Customers can relax while deciding on what they would like to purchase. Come have a leisurely coffee or maybe even a lunch with the family while you consider your options on all the products on display. The well stocked showroom has all sorts of camping gear and gadgets to make your adventure a memorable one. The proud Echo 4×4 team is always on hand to assist and engage with you. In addition you can get advice from Willie when he is available in the store. Whether you are looking to purchase or just need information to make the decision before you buy. Echo 4×4 is where your adventure begins.


Click Here To Visit dreamt of going Off-Road in a vehicle that was luxury redefined, whilst keeping our rugged, adventurous spirit alive. So we made all that and more. Picture it. Towing your ELXV through the wilderness as it rains. Elephants brushing past your idling ELXV Expedition Vehicle as you hold your breath. Experiencing an African sunset over a rocky, treacherous summit from your sweeping window view. It’s the absolute quiet as you marvel at the glory of nature from underneath your awning. It’s epic. Overcome the most gruelling of African terrains, effortlessly. Climb and rumble across our most desolate valleys. Master our steepest slopes.

Edgeout Trailers

Click Here To Visit all started at an annual camp in the Cederberg… a friend asked Vonnie Heyns: “Why don’t you roto-mould a caravan?”. A seed was sown and a dream was born. Vonnie Heyns (Director 4EVR Plastic Products) came home and researched the best design for roto-moulding seamless pods. The solution being a practical teardrop trailer. Being an avid camper, all the essentials and best layout was created, but it needed a great design, different from the rest. Having worked with Retief Krige from RKID on many projects before, he was the logical choice. And so, the Edgeout was born, a dream combined with innovative, cutting-edge design… Edgeout, the ultimate teardrop.

Freeline Campers

Click Here To Visit our all new Freeline Maverick gravel road caravan... Practical, spacious, luxury what more do you need.

HogZilla 4 x 4

Click Here To Visit https://hogzilla4x4.comHogzilla4x4 is all about discovering and realizing your dream in life… your dream to break away, adventure and explore in comfort. Our slogan “Go Find Your Dream” is true for us also, a dream to build a better and more comfortable camping canopy. We provide the perfect solution to experience your breakaway adventure in the comfort of our world-first revolutionary Xpander canopy. With our patented Xpander solution, you will never have to worry or dread about a rooftop-or popup-tent arrangement, that takes a lot of time and energy. Xpander’s distinctive design includes a large double bed (1970mm long x 1430mm wide with a 180mm thick mattress), and massive free open storage space inside for all your camping equipment, fridge, shelving and more.

Imagine Caravans

Click Here To Visit OVER 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE TRAILER/CARAVAN DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, AND A PRODUCT BUILT ON A CONSTANT DRIVE FOR OPTIMIZATION AND INNOVATION, WE REMAIN THE NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR A ROBUST, RELIABLE, EFFICIENT AND COMFORTABLE PRODUCT. Gideon du Plessis, founding member of Brakhah, has been involved in off-road trailers since 1992 and is seen by many, even competetors, as the pioneer in developing off-road trailers. After producing the first (and successful) off road trailer in South Africa in the early 90’s and later an off-road Caravan, we realised that it was always a difficult decision for the client to decide which to purchase. Our extensive experience and knowledge of off-road trailers has lead us to design and manufacture a new type of off-road trailer, resulting in the first IMAGINE TRAILVAN – unique in its field and later to follow with the IMAGINE COMFORTVAN. THE FOLLOWING SIMPLE, YET EFFECTIVE, DESIGN PRINCIPALS ARE THE FOUNDATION THAT MAKES THE IMAGINE PRODUCT RANGE UNIQUE AND LEADER WITHIN THE OUTDOOR INDUSTRY:

Invader Off-Road Campers

Click Here To Visit to the Invader! Step inside the Invader off- road camper and you have the space, quality and comfort of a caravan. Yet when ready to travel, it is a rugged, heavy duty 4X4 off-road trailer with attitude. Fulfilling the needs of an adventurer who wants ease and comfort, the Invader is equally at home in a caravan park or travelling Africa's roads. Both men and women love the Invader! With comfortable beds, hot/cold water, vanity basin, portable toilet, shower, ample cupboards and a fully fitted kitchen with microwave, gas stove and fridge/freezer, women and children feel taken care of. Let the soft interior not mislead you, as the ease of towing, quick set up time, light weight as well as rugged off-road capabilities, impress the men. And when they arrive at their destiny they can set up camp quickly. With more than 50 years of combined camping experience, the Invader team gives priority to the camper's needs with a focus on detail where it counts. For this and much more, take a step inside the world of Invader!


Click Here To Visit 4×4 designs and builds luxury off-road camping vehicles to the highest quality standards to bring you a lifetime of off-road adventures with those you love in the wild places you love. Built with passion for campers by campers with practicality and comfort in mind. Our business is run by a proudly South African family whose commitment to excellence is found in every detail of their campers.

Lifestyle Centre RV'S

Click Here To Visit Lifestyle Centre was born when we identified that the vibrant South Africa leisure market was growing and ready for an exclusive leisure travel solution. The offering is unique (just like SA itself) and gives our clients an opportunity to actually OWN and manage their leisure experience. The product was designed for families that are looking for the ultimate leisure experience and not just a holiday. Why go to one destination for a week when you can experience a different destination daily with our range of new, demo and used motor homes. Visit us at our new Lifestyle Centre and let us help you to travel with style and comfort AND at your own pace.

Moremi Trailers & Rooftop Tents by Custom Canopies

Click Here To Visit company specialising in affordable, custom canopies and trailers. We are the proud manufacturer of the Moremi Sport Rooftop tent range as well as the Moremi Trailers Range. Our services are professional, friendly and available all-over South Africa, as well as Agents in Australia and Namibia for the Moremi Sport Rooftop tent. From wild 4×4 rides to quiet days next to the beach, our camping trailers, canopies and rooftop tent is the right choice for you.


Click Here To Visit http://www.motorhome-world.comMotorhome-World is a motorhome manufacturing and sales company manufacturing motorhomes of a high standard. Situated in Atlantis, Cape Town, the company is geared towards delivering motorhomes to the standard that is required and demanded by todays modern traveller. Only top grade materials are used and our modern spacious designs will appeal to the customer who wants to make the most of this great life-style. Motorhome-World was established in 2001 to give the customer more choice and options on the South African market at a competitive price. We want to design your dream and wishes by using our vast experience and manufacturing know-how. European standards have been integrated into the building and design while not forgetting the unforgiving circumstances that Southern Africa can present. Click through our site and see what we can offer you. Please do not forget to contact us should you need any information. We will be more than glad to assist you in your choice and the many available options.

Metalian trailers

Click Here To Visit trailers are manufactured by Authentic Metal Works in Cape Town, South Africa. The first Metalian Maxis were made in 2010 and we started manufacturing aluminium canopies soon after that. Over the years we have introduced new models such as the Bowhunter, Parthian and Genie. We have sold our trailers all over the world, and now have partners in Australia and Switzerland, who takes care of the European market. The company is managed by owner Heinz Modricky who oversees the design and building of the trailers and canopies. All components are CAD designed, CNC punched and the trailer models are registered with the NRCS

Modular Adventures

Click Here To Visit provide the perfect solution to experience your breakaway adventure in the comfort of our world-first revolutionary Hogzilla Xpander Camper. With our Xpander Camper solution, you will never have to worry or dread about a rooftop-or popup-tent arrangement, that takes a lot of time and energy.

Mobi Lodge

Click Here To Visit http://www.mobilodge.comThe design brief was to have more practical space inside than a double axle caravan but with a proper island bed, spacious permanent bathroom, lovely kitchen, less than 5 minutes setup time and most importantly; 32" wheels and 500cm ground clearance with true go-everywhere capability. So, with the Mobi Lodge you do not need both a luxury tar caravan as well as an off-road tent-with-wheels anymore - now you can enjoy one new generation product in Botswana, Namib, Richtersveld and Mosambique and the very next trip take your Mobi Lodge to a luxury camp in the Kruger, Ballito or Stormsriviermond with every luxury you might need. Customize your Mobi Lodge exactly as per your needs, tow it with ease to any destination you want and enjoy space and comfort that was not previously possible: This is what we call - clever camping!

Naledi Camper

Click Here To Visit http://naledicampers.comThe Naledi Camper was created out of a passion for travelling, ease of use and the closest contact possible with nature, whilst minimising our footprint in the environment. We use the latest technology and materials in construction, but one cannot forget about the importance of hand workmanship. At Naledi we all share a passion for our work and our finishings show the care and personal touch of every person. We are not just building a trailer… we are building a lifestyle for you to enjoy countless adventures


Click Here To Visit one of the most talked-about new caravans to be launched this year is the Okapi by Nayela. This is the first leisure caravan to be built by Nayela, who are actually a manufacturer of multi-purpose trailvans for horses, quadbikes, motorcycles, etc. The Okapi is an innovative design from top to bottom, front to back. The first aspects you’ll notice on this new caravan is the aerodynamic nose, the double axle, the lift-up roof, and the high departure angle at the back. These interesting designs are continued on the luxurious interior, where the front area consists of a half-circle of seating, an island bed on a slide-out in the middle, and a bathroom at the back. The Okapi is constructed from a fibreglass mono-hull body (meaning it’s one piece that comes from a mould), and fibreglass underside on an Al-Ko chassis. Most of the interior is also moulded shapes

Outbound Campers

Click Here To Visit the successful introduction of the OUTBOUND THUNDER, Outbound Campers are in the process of expanding its footprint in SOUTH AFRICA with the soon to be announced appointment of additional agents as well as the expansion of the range to include for the OUTBOUND Breeze and OUTBOUND Blizzard – both proudly built in South Africa.

Okto Caravans

Click Here To Visit was founded by a group of dedicated caravan experts who have been involved in the industry for many years. Their passion for caravanning, combined with the opportunity to bring something new and different to the South African market, forged them together to create a new, exciting product for local caravanners. OKTO Caravans is a manufacturer of lightweight caravans. The company uses the latest manufacturing machinery and European construction technology, tempered with some South African robustness, to build a caravan that will be unique in the South African market. The team is committed to designing a practical caravan with a distinct style and elegance, to make caravanning an adventure for the whole family. In putting our caravans together, we will partner with other industry players, bringing together the best knowledge and experience with German -like efficiency to ensure a product of the highest quality. By honouring our promise to deliver a great product, we are building a brand that caravanners in South Africa will love and trust.


Click Here To Visit OPUS® South Africa team started in 2013 in Pretoria, quickly establishing itself as a key supplier of quality camping trailers. We make awesome camper trailers, lots of them! We are a global leader in the Caravan and RV Industry around the world; we design, manufacture, and deliver a wide range of products. Our revolutionary range of Air OPUS® camper trailers, and hybrid caravans are market leaders in Australia, USA, Europe and now South Africa. We are part of Purple Line, whose product range includes the Orbit Air caravan annexes, remote control caravan and boat movers, the Aeroplus caravan wind deflector and a wide range of anti-theft caravan/camper trailer security and safety products. Here at OPUS® we are proud of our invention, innovation, development and our continued improvement. The Purple Line slogan helps you understand exactly what we do here at OPUS® – ‘Design… Innovate… Improve.’ Purple Line have been designing, innovating and improving within the caravan accessory market for many years, and it is that ethos that is the foundation of OPUS®. Our design principles are to make stylish, desirable products that are so easy to use and ergonomic that people will want to use them all the time, to get out into nature and enjoy the good life. If you are a dealer or a consumer then we have the products and the ability, capability and people power to flawlessly and effortlessly service your needs.

Outdoor Campers

Click Here To Visit Campers is passionate about assisting outdoor enthusiasts, to gear up for their ultimate adventures. Outdoor Campers started in 2017, when two camping enthusiasts bought one caravan to sell or rent... By the grace of God it soon turned into a business, that we are passionate about. Because we love camping, 4x4’ing and the outdoors we grab onto every opportunity we can find to experience and explore our beautiful country. We are explorers, weekend warriors and everyday South Africans. We believe the best way to deliver a great service is to have first hand experience.

Quantum Caravan World

Click Here To Visit being in the manufacturing industry for the past 22 years, we decided it was time for a new challenge. With all the skills and machinery already available, combined with a passion for outdoor and camping, a new caravan was born.

Raasblaar by Equipped4Africa

Click Here To Visit Bruwer, being an adventurer in heart and sole and keeping in mind that travelling comfortably with your family into Africa brings certain challenges,decided it was time to do something about it. “We new there was a need in the market for an affordable, easy-to-handle, quality trailer/caravan option for the everyday person”. The Raasblaar is in essence really an “overlander” to try pin it down in one word… It is durable, easy to set-up(with a set-up time of less than 3 minutes), affordable and not too harsh on the eye, either. It comes fully kitted as standard and there is a few optional extras you can add to make your camping experience even greater.

Swift Caravans

Click Here To Visit seen during the 2018 Show: Swift is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring Caravans, Motorhomes and Holiday Homes. The Group has a turnover of over £200m and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Group has gone from strength to strength in recent years and the workforce has grown to over 1,080 employees. Our head office is based in Cottingham, East Yorkshire and we also have sites at Hedon Road in Hull and Mexborough in South Yorkshire.

Stealth Caravans

Click Here To Visit and incredibly durable. The Stealth Evolution XR6 represents a revolutionary new era for caravanning in South Africa. Addressing the drawbacks of many current products in the market. This mid-market 220-volt caravan, literally, breaks the mould with its innovative design and manufacturing process. After conducting extensive research into global caravanning trends, attending trade shows in Australia and Europe, and speaking directly to customers and dealers; Stealth Caravans identified the key areas that would inform the Evolution's design ethos. With a focus on superior construction and materials, the Evolution eliminates the use of wood entirely in the side wall structure using imported fiberglass and Styrofoam from Europe, resulting in a robust yet light-weight design impervious to water ingress and rot. Where timber is used in the roof structure and roof surround only the best quality marine ply is used and by nature of its design cannot be exposed to water in any way.

Summit Off-road

Click Here To Visit Off-road is the local manufacturer of South Africa’s leading off-road camping trailers and caravans with over a decade of field-tested performance. Our goal is simple — design and fabricate practical trailers and caravans that can conquer the toughest terrains, all while providing a comfortable and convenient camping experience. Seamlessly blending the luxuries of a hotel room with the off-road capabilities of a 4×4, our products promise unforgettable adventures and unparalleled comfort


Click Here To Visit not miss the launch of the new Sprite Caravans in Hall 1 stand X1.


Click Here To Visit CATS are out of the bag – and ready for some TUFF adventures in the untamed African bush. TuffCats off-road caravans, trailers and campers offer you holidays in the wild with the benefit that you leave only your footprints behind. The Shumba (Shona for ‘lion’) 4x4 caravan is the king of the jungle – ready for the rugged outdoors, but still royal. The Shumba Cub, the smaller caravan, is the successor to the throne. But more than one cat rule the bush, and so the Mbada trailers (Shona for ‘leopard’) are also built for those who prefer their cats leaner and meaner. TuffCats – leave only your footprints.


Click Here To Visit vehicles make a statement, no matter where you travel to or from. Travelstar has ensured that not only do you feel at home in your motorhome, but that you feel like you are camping in the great outdoors. The convenience features keep you comfortable and are not too opulent or extravagant that you miss out on the experience of camping and getting away from it all. Travelstar adds wheels to the comforts of home, surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. The Motorhomes offer the ultimate experience for any family or group of up to 6 people. You will find that our Motorhomes are well equipped and have more standard features than you can imagine, ensuring your adventuring needs are met with comfort and convenience.The Travelstar manufacturing process incorporates expert engineering, state-of-the-art technology and industry leading construction techniques. These manufacturing attributes are complemented with sophisticated fittings and accessories. The vehicle, plus all fitted accessories come with a 1year/90 000km manufacturing warranty


Click Here To Visit currently have various designs Bush Caravans & Toy Haulers to choose from to suit your application. You can load all your adventure & camping gear, load your mountain bike or dirt bike or kayak to a full size Adventure Bike and still enjoy the comforts of a caravan when you arrive at your destination. UniPod Toy Haulers are robust built using our own insulated double aluminium composite wall construction backing the pod tough, lightweight and easy to tow!

Vagabond Teardrop Caravans

Click Here To Visit Vagabond Teardrop Caravans are the ideal travel companions for family weekends, couples looking to tour places such as the Kruger Park, Garden Route and Drakensburg or the adrenalin junky ready to hit the mountain bike trails, rivers or waves. This makes Vagabond the no.1 all- round caravan on the South African market

Xpedition Mobil

Click Here To Visit https://xpeditionmobil.comAt Xpedition Mobil, we believe that your motorhome or van should be a reflection of your individuality and lifestyle. With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each conversion project is approached with meticulous care and precision, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle meets our high standards of quality.

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